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Week of September 17th: I live on the mid-east coast of Florida and I was evacuated from a flood zone. My family and I spent over a week with my husband’s brother, so we were at least comfortable. However, I could not bring any of my computer equipment, etc and could do no more than the occasional FB post to try and keep that page somewhat updated. Thankfully, power was returned to us Friday night, but the timing meant we could not return until yesterday morning. I spent the better part of the day just trying to clean up the mess. We are not done!

There are some minor repairs. Considering I am a Nanny – it is how I try and support my family – I am working on getting my home back in order so that it is safe and comfortable for the children I care for. As you might imagine, this has really put a damper on that! It’s already been such a struggle to make ends met, but now I’ve had no work for close to 2 weeks between the hurricane prep, evacuation, and subsequent power outages and travel dangers.

So, yes – My writing has been on hold for the most part. While I’ve had some recent inspiration (You’ll see that soon), I can not promise to be back on schedule this month. I know things will settle and I can get back in the swing of things. In the meantime, I thank you for your patience! To my subscribers, your help has been invaluable! It may not be much, but every little bit helps! Thank you so much for your support to my blog and your belief in me. I truly appreciate it.

PS: I will have a newsletter out tomorrow! 😀

Pray for all those dealing with the recent crisis in Texas and from Irma.

This blog has grown over the years. Initially it was started just as a place I could post about home schooling adventure, challenges, and the things we tried. We had our successes and failures. Now, our family has grown older and I can focus more and more on my own interests. This also means there could be mild adult content in some of the stories I write.

My original vision still stands very strong and I continue to build this blog to help bring others of various backgrounds together. You will find encouragement, reviews on the things I like and dislike, posts and rants about gaming, and creative writing. More importantly, a story that I had building in my heart and head for 16+ years is taking form before your very eyes if you but bear with me.

My SunFire Tigress Chronicles has been a passion of mine for so long, buried within the recesses of my imagination while I played the mom and caregiver to not only my own children, but the children of others. Her story was first played out in Role-Play well over a decade ago on Perhaps a few of you will come across this blog and recognize the name “Kridina” and her surname “SunFire”. I can no longer withhold her story and you will find her bursting onto the pages of this site from time to time.

Time is my enemy. I still have a life to live. Bills to pay, and a chronic health condition. I’ve worked hard to bring myself to the point I am today, but it is always a struggle. I use the gym and better dieting habits to build myself up and give me more fortitude. I am not weak! However, days I work (and I must because I have bills to pay) are days I limit other activities. I won’t even game. Few know the struggle because I am careful to allot what I am able to give to whatever endeavor I take on that day. Unfortunately, this affects my ability to take what is inside my head and put it into words for you to read. You will see my writing on days where I have the freedom to stay home, rest, and allow it to flow from my fingers to your eyes.

So, sit back. Provide me a little patience, and the stories will come.

Until next time, my pretties.

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