5 Days of Building a Positive Mindset: 5 days of Homeschooling 2017

Next week a wonderful yearly event chock-full of helpful advice, resources, and so much more will start hitting your inboxes. I have decided to participate this year because I’ve been wanting to help bring a more positive mindset to the people around me. The way that we think, the thoughts we fill ourselves with, affect every single part of our lives. And if you are always filled with constant worry, anger, or sadness this will affect not only your homeschool, but every aspect of your life in a negative way. You see, the advice you will see this next week will be helpful to many, so even if you are not home schooling I would check out this yearly event. Especially if you would like to lead a more joyful and satisfying life and find success in the tasks you undertake. Building your own positive mindset will affect you in both small and major ways. One will simply be that you will feel better. Not only that, you will find yourself remaining calmer when you come across a challenge. A third, but certainly not the final, thing you will experience is witnessing how others respond to you in a more positive manner!

5 Days of Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017
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Sometimes we forget we were made in the image of the most amazing Being in existence. I call Him “Father God” and a multitude of other names, but no other expression of who He is clues us in to all He is like the great “I Am” does. You have to remember this Great Creator made us in his image! He endowed us with all the potential to become more and more like Him! This means we are Creators, albiet imperfect and prone to creating things that are not “good”. Still, we can use His example to work towards creating a more positive life and speak “Good” as much as we can. Once you start to truly understand the great gift of your own potential and start speaking as if you have it, you are going to naturally feel better in so many ways!

Am fearfully and wonderfully made

Does building up a more positive way of thinking truly allow calm to enter our lives? What about the kids fighting over some obscure issue you suspect doesn’t actually exist? What about when your husband comes home and he snaps at you unfairly because he had a bad day? What if you have a toxic family member that’s been utterly draining you? What if you have a chronic health condition? Or Worse?? Yes, you can have all these things, and more, in your life and still find yourself filled with a well of calm that helps you maintain clear thinking and the ability to problem solve better. I used to be nearly envious of a good friend of mine. I was like a fire burning all the time and she was cool water. I would witness my sister yelling and cursing horrible things at her and she was still calm and loving. How did she do it??? I thought I could never ever be like her. I had forgotten I am a daughter of God.

I am the captain of my own ship, but God is the compass!

Not so long ago I had to cut toxic family from my life. They were so toxic that even my so calm friend felt they would never be the ones to come to me first. But, I was determined to have a more positive, calm, and loving life and I was willing to do it without them if they were not going to reach out to me. I started working on my own mindset. You have to understand that becoming more positive does not mean you have to put up with toxicity from others. You can not change anyone else, but when you become more pleasant, calm, positive most will respond to that in a more pleasant, calm, and positive manner. Both my sister and my mother reached out to me. All they had to go by was my posts. Posts that I had striven to keep positive. You affect all those not only directly around you, but your words and actions have far reaching consequences in ways you could never have imagined. Why not make that as positive as possible to better enrich not only your own life, but the lives of others?

I understand even my enemy was made in the image of God

These blessings that can come into our lives are certainly not the only other blessings you will find entering your lives as you learn to better and better maintain a positive mindset. There will be seemingly crazy good opportunities, an increase in wealth (Yes, I said wealth), and connections you had failed to recognize when you had a more negative mindset. Most of you reading this will want these postive changes in your life, but if you are anything like me, you’ve been hurting yourself without quite knowing how to stop. You do not know how to turn it all around. And this is what my 5 days will be all about next week. Helping you build a more positive mindset so you can feel better, have more calm, get better reactions from the people you touch, and so much more!

Until next week, my pretties!

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