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I am a busy home-schooling mom! Not only that, I am a professional Nanny. I love children, but it can be either feast or famine. A bit more famine this year, it seems.. This really cuts into my ability to write as often as I am inspired. So, to help me achieve my goal of writing my SunFire Tigress Chronicles, I am reaching out to you, my reader, to help generate support. Want to see more about Kridina? Then I need more time available to do so.

Of course, I am fortunate to know a terrific artist who is willing to provide art based on the SunFire Tigress and her story to those who show certain amounts of support. Please see details below!

**This is an evolving list and may need some tweaking to better fit the needs and wants of both myself and my readers and those out of the USA may need to make separate arrangements for physical rewards**

If you wish to support the Tigress without any reward, be sure to make note of it when you make your donation.

Also, be sure to include contact information so I can get any physical reward to you!

Monthly Patrons – My love and appreciation! There will be subscriber gifts for those who maintain their patronage

$50 – Name mentioned on site and you will receive a SunFire Tigress Bookmark based on the artwork of Joe Quillsong (Exact art TBD)

$100 – All previous plus Your name as a character introduced into The SunFire Tigress Chronicles.

$200 – All previous plus a SunFire Tigress T-Shirt by Joe Quillsong as well as your “mention” will include a link to your page or business

$500 – All previous plus a SunFire Tigress painting by Joe Quillsong

$850 – All previous plus a personalized 50-100 page story on the topic of your choice. You can choose to keep it or have me post it here on the site. Explicit material requests will be sent privately.

$1,000 – All previous plus dinner/meetup with Kri, herself. (Travel and accommodations are your responsibility). Attendance at a special event is a possibility (TBD based on timing and availability)

So, support the Tigress today and click on the right of this page to purchase packages! (You might need to scroll down to see the correct section)

Please note that if support growth is going well, these perks could be upgraded. For example, Travel and accommodations for the highest tier might be covered by Kridina when support is strong.

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Special Thanks to:

Joe Quillsong

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