The SunFire Tigress Chronicles

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Imagine you’ve been torn from your world to save a people you did not even know existed. Your very identity and appearance stolen and altered to fit the schemes of a desperate people looking for salvation at any cost.

Empty of heart, Kridina is consumed not only by her own rage, but by the SunFire that chose her as it’s host. She must learn to control both if she is to not only survive her destiny, but prevent becoming the herald of destruction prophesied about.

Only one thing can temper the SunFire and rage that Kridina carries. An enigma to the ones that arrogantly thought only they knew what was needed. ColdFire. Wielded by no man. Or so they thought..

This is a work in progress, so if you’ve been following me from the start, you will see the growing pains of this novel. So, be prepared for adjustments and the insertion of missing parts as time passes!

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The History of the Eoseans

Intro Part 1

Intro Part 2

The Watcher is Now the Watched (Intro Part 3)

The Tigress’ Den (Intro Part 4)

A Well Known Stranger (Intro Part 5)

When Fire Meets Ice (Intro part 6)

This Ain’t Forgiveness (Intro Part 7)

The SunFire Tigress Chronicles: Chapter One

Interludes of Home-August 2017 Subscriber bonus available!

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Interludes of Home (2)

Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Through the Maelstrom

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: The Bonds of Truth

Chapter 9: The Twisted God

Chapter 10: Departure

Chapter 11: Pressure

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